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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Good Afternoon.  I am posting a little late today because of all of the things going on around here.  First of all I want to thank everyone who entered the challenge for a chance to win the sponsor prize from my shop (The Crafting Boutique).  Second, we have a bit of sad news.  Due to the fact that we are finding that we don't have a lot of time available to keep up with things here and that we can't seem to keep a design team we will be closing the 2 Sisters Challenge after this month.

This month we are being sponsored by two wonderful shops...

The theme for our challenge this month is...

We are asking that all of your embellishments be handmade by you.  You can use gems, pearls, etc in your embellishment but the main part of your embellishment needs to be handmade.

The sponsors for this challenge have provided us with some really cute images to inspire you with,  Here is what we have come up with...

(Scribbles Designs ~ Peek-a-boo bunny)
(I hand punched my flowers from white cardstock, embossed them with a hand embossing tool, added glitter glue to make them sparkle, and a pearl for the centers.)
 (there will be more cards coming from me in the next day or so)
(A Random Fan ~ I Miss You)

(To create the embellishments for my card I hand punched the flowers out of pink and light pink cardstock.  I softened the look of each flower using a stylus. This also helped make them stand up off my card a little more. I glued together 2 flowers - one of each color pink and added a pink rhinestone to the center.  I finished off the flowers by punching leaves out of green cardstock.)

Also this month when the winners of the sponsor prizes are drawn there will be one additional name drawn.  This person will receive a surprise package from The Crafting Boutique.  So, If you want a chance to receive this package if your name is drawn make sure that I have access to an email address so that I can contact you for a physical address.

Now it is your turn!  You have until 11:59pm on Monday June 30th to enter your cards and projects for a chance to win one of the two sponsor prizes.  As always if the Linky tool is missing or isn't working properly please link your entries in the comments section.


Sandra H said...

Oh how sad to hear your closing the 2 sisters blog l fully understand your reason why and wish you all the best for the future Stacy's card is lovely l'm not sure if there are some missing take care x

Lucy Patrick said...

That's very sad news, you will be missed. XOX Lucy

Debbie said...

Oh how sorry I am to read about the closure. You will be sadly missed, but fully understand that life changes and we have to do what's right for us at certain times. Good Luck in what you get up too.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Sorry to hear about that! Wishing you all well in the future!

KarinsArtScrap said...

Sorry to hear this Mary.

gr karin

Bunny said...

CLOSING? Say it isn't so. We will miss y'all. Thank you for all the fun challenges.

~ginny said...

Whoa! I am so sorry - you have been one of my favorite go to Challenge blogs and I will miss that! Good luck and take a deep breath!

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Cynthia said...

Thanks for the fun challenge! Sorry to hear about the closure.

Leeann said...

So sad to see you go :(

KarinsArtScrap said...

Hope my card fits the challenge Marie, if not let me know or delete it.

gr karin

Lucy Patrick said...

Hi, Lucy here again. I was just checking the challenges and I can't seem to find the winner of the Teddy Bear's challenge, have you announced that yet? XOX Lucy

Unknown said...

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Barbara said...

So sad to hear you are leaving the blog world. I totally understand how busy we have all become. I am just starting papercrafting again after a time away.Best of luck on your new endeavors.

Lin said...

Really sorry to see you go. I have had a great deal of fun entering your challenges.

I sometimes find running CCM a bit of a struggle, so understand completely why you have made the decision.

Best of luck to you and all the team.

Crafty Cardmakers and More

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